Hip-Hop Nation Creation


At Last! My final project is here and I am completely satisfied with it. Thank you to Zachary Lattimore for being my source and Maya Zellman as well for the commentary. Im excited to hear the feedback on it. Now all i have to worry about is my final. I love this class and after working on this, I definitely want to work on more projects like this.


Multimedia Project

  I have finally gathered all of my pieces to finalize my multimedia project. I had to change the person I originally intended it to be on due to a hectic schedule but surely enough I was able get someone else. The person I am doing it on is a male dancer/choreographer who has worked with artists such as Ariana Grande and Britney Spears. His name is Zachary Lattimore. I captured really great shots of him and also videos of him dancing. I’m so excited to finalize it and make my project come to life. 

Layout Design 

For those of you following my posts, I’ve come to conclude my process of designing my layout and working with InDesign for the first time ever. My article is made of three pages. The first two pages are taken over by a background image of a dancer looking into the light. I wanted to use this design to give the audience the picture of what you would be looking at through the dancers eyes; a white canvas, where the artist will execute his dance moves. I have two columns on the sides with text as well. In the background I designed a black background with a huge white “X” that relates to the dancers name, “Xcorcist”. In the top box and bottom box there is text. On the side boxes there are images of the dancer. I wanted my design to be dark to gives an eery feeling to my story. I truly love the finished product. Working with InDesign was difficult at first, but in the end made me want to use it again.  


It’s time! 

Here it is! The week I’ve been waiting so long to finally arrive! Our FINAL draft for our profiles are due this Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited. The fact that I got all of my sources really fast made the process easier to accomplish. The one thing I’m most afraid of is the In Design portion of this assignment. I’ve never worked with In Design but I’m excited to learn about it and workout the layout for my story. I’m excited to also see what my fellow classmates have come up with for our final drafts. ‘Till next time! 

One more week

Its finally around the corner! Our final draft is due very soon and I am excited yet nervous as well! I’m ready to get started on my layout and what it’s going to look like. After sketching a rough draft I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will look amazing. I have a final photoshoot scheduled for Wednesday night with Hampton Williams to wrap everything up. Everything is coming together very well and I’m thankful for the help I get from my classmates and teachers.  Halloween is around the corner! Time to get into the Halloween spirit. 


The Aftermath 

I officially uploaded my first draft this week and such a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel like I accomplished so much! I was finally able to get my three sources which made writing my paper easier. All that is left is to get some photos to go along with my story which I will be doing this week. Now, I’m focusing on working on my multi-media project. I have contacted my source and have set up at interview to take place this Thursday. My story will be about a female dancer who is the only breaki-dancing girl in the dance company she is part of. As a b-girl, it is hard to gain respect in the dance world because of the fact that she is a female and this art form is usually done by males. I’m very excited to tell her story. I’m glad that I joined this class because it has brought me so much insight on what magazine journalism is all about. 

Officially Done!!!

  Hoorah! All of my interviews for my profile have been accomplished and now my task is to put it all together. It has been a wonderful journey but I am excited to make it happen. Hampton Williams is such an inspiration to me and as to why I dance and the fact that I get to share his story with others, well I am comepletely honored. Once I am finished with that, I am going to get started on my next project. 

For my multi-media project I am going to stick with the art of dance. My goal is to interview and do a photoshoot of a dancer from the dance company Versa-Style. She is the only b-girl in the group. Mostly men are known for this style of dance so the fact that she is pursuing it and making it part of her artistry is beautiful. I would like to put an audio recording of her interview into the slide show of the images I will be taking. I’m very excited for this project as well. 

Half-way into the semester and I’ve grown such a huge appreciation to writing, more than what I already had, and I love it. I’m honored to be learning from two amazing professors and my fellow peers. They are part of the inspiration as to why I’m not giving up as a writer. 

NEWS: In other news, I have applied to the Eaugene Lang School of Art in New York! Fingers crossed from here on out. 

Update: Hampton Williams Story

It is the third week of school and I am beyond glad that I joined this course.  As a dancer myself I feel a sense of freedom when I dance and it goes the same way as to when I’m writing. So, the fact that I get the honor to write about a dancer I look up to is life changing because it is combining both of my passions. 

I was not able to interview dancer Hampton Williams due to him having to go out of town but we have rescheduled to do so this week.

I have officially interviewed Hampton’s roommate, Darrel Dun and the man was as charming as ever. He gave me a lot of insight on the life of Hampton and how he came to be the man himself. As a dancer himself, they share many connections. After speaking with him I was able to get in contact through Hampton’s partner where I have set up an interview for this week. I have also found out that dance expert and one of the biggest names in the dance world,Boogie Frantick, is a huge contribution as to why Hampton dances so he is now going to be one of my experts that I am going to get in contact with to interview. 

If you would like to know more about who Boogie Frantick is and what he is a part of then I strongly recommend reading this article from Dance Mogul where you will get insight on him. I read the article myself and I feel that they truly captured the essence of who this man is. 

Website for article: http://dancemogul.com/news/?p=2677

I will continue to update with the process of my interviews and how everything is coming along. But for now, I am excited for what is to come of this class. I am excited to grow and become the writer that has been bottled up inside of me for so long. 


Hampton Williams: A Legend in the Making

I am ecstatic to announce that this Sunday September 13, 2015, I have booked a dance studio in Panorama City from 2:30-4:30 pm  in which the official interview with dancer Hampton Williams will occur. Along side with my videographer and photographer, this is definitely going to be one moment I wont ever want to forget about . Hampton Williams is a 25-year-old dancer from Texas who has brought out his own style of dance in which he calls “exorcism”. He has described it as a way of healing to his audiences souls. He auditioned for seasons 9 and 10 for the hit Fox t.v. show So You Think You Can Dance. He has traveled all over the U.S. where he has competed and showcased his style of dancing. According to So You Think You Can Dance judge Nigel Lythgoe, he has been classified as a “genius”. Williams is currently living in North Hollywood and can be found at many well-known dance events occurring in Los Angeles. I am honored to be able to interview such a wicked artist who as a dancer myself, look up to. The fact that he has developed his own style is beautiful because so many founders of the Hip-Hop scene have become legends by doing such a thing. I have taken it upon myself to let the world know of this genius man and what he is capable of doing. I am so thankful that he has taken the time out of his life to allow me to interview him. I am thankful for my videographer and photographer for being able to capture such a moment. An update and photography will be written and displayed from the interview next weekend. Its time for the world to see what Hampton “Xcercist” Williams has whipped up for the world to see.

First day at The Bull Magazine

Fantastic! One word that binds my experience as a first ever Pierce College student and writer for The Bull magazine. As my nerves started to ease, our professor began reading our class syllabus. Once the theme for the semester was given I was sold! Alone Together! At first I was confused as to what topics I would bring to the table but after our editor in chief explained everything to us, it became clear to me as to what I was going to write about.   As a dancer myself I am inspired by other artists and one dancer in particular, Hampton Williams aka Excorsist, was about to become my target. His style is different from the rest and I believe the world needs to know more about him! I’ve already contacted him and my interview has been finalized for next week! “I would be honored to do this interview. thank you.” -Hampton Williams. I’m excited for what is to come of this semester and for my growth as a journalist.